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Tiki Taka: Design Table Football by Giorgetti Atmosphere

Tiki Taka is a table football game included in the new Giorgetti Atmosphere collection. In these new projects, we find the same fine craftsmanship that is present in every Giorgetti creation combined with the desire to make spaces unique and personalised through furnishing complements.

Tiki Taka can be placed in homes to add a playful touch of character to a gaming corner, or in a public outdoor space on a splendid city terrace or in a garden.

Its main feature, alongside its fun-loving structure that brings back memories, is the exquisite, high quality of the details and the decision to use excellent raw materials.

No matter where Tiki Taka is located, it creates a playful light-hearted atmosphere made up of interesting details like the splendid knobs used to move the finely carved wooden statues of the players. Through the Atmosphere collection, Giorgetti presents its continuously developing research which guarantees that customers will always find durable objects with a great deal of personality.