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Miyabi: the New Walk-in Closet with Air Purifier

Giorgetti's Centro Ricerche has produced a new interpretation of the modular walk-in closet concept. They are introducing Miyabi, which integrates perfectly into the design of the Reiwa 2019 modules, and adds a purifier system for the accessories and clothing stored inside the closet.

Dust, bacteria, odours and other particles are removed by the ventilation system and then filtered out and neutralized by an UVA treatment system produced by the device's LEDs.

The Miyabi system uses bipolar ionization to destroy bacteria, mould, smoke and smog, and completely purifies everything kept in the closet.

The system comes in different materials and with different accessories: a trousers rack, spherical hat holders, handbag holders in ash wood, a belt rack, a tie rack and several display cases and drawer units with different opening systems.