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GK.03 Kitchen by Giorgetti

The architectural structure of the Giorgetti GK.03 kitchen makes an impact because of how it defines space with shelves, perspective and well-designed visual overlapping.

In every corner of the splendid GK.03, the elements appear to enjoy holding shelves that can be moved as desired or when needed. Each cabinet in this extensive system can be customised with several types of accessories for the most demanding chefs. There are also numerous modular options to help organize daily habits in a functional manner.

The hidden GK.03 kitchen, with its interplay of full and empty volumes and shelves with different thicknesses, disappears when needed behind large, elegant "sliding curtains" created with glass doors.

It's as if the kitchen wants to be part of the living room as a reciprocal enhancement, functionally and emotionally. With this project, Giorgetti can truly make the kitchen the centre of domestic and convivial life, the heart of the home.