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HYPNOS Bed by Giorgetti

Designer Umberto Asnago defines the Hypnos bed by Giorgetti as a "thin sheet of wood which has been curved with the expertise of a master craftsman".

The most striking part of this piece is the splendid curved headboard, firstly a structural element and secondly the centrepiece of the entire bedroom.

The headboard can also be fastened directly to the wall and it holds a mounted section with quilted padding for perfect, comfortable relaxation. Hypnos has a platform base covered in fabric or leather that matches the padding on the Canaletto walnut headboard.

The central crosspiece is in painted metal with adjustable supports to make it suitable also for single mattress supports.

A bedroom decorated with Hypnos is a perfect example of the Giorgetti philosophy, aimed at creating only elegant rooms that have original character and a refined identity.