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A Retro Table: the Giorgetti Bigwig

The Bigwig table from Giorgetti was created by Roberto Lazzeroni. This attractive project is strongly stylistic and rich in sculptural details.

Putting Bigwig in a meeting room or a living room means evoking a retro feeling imbued with taste and nostalgia. The table was inspired by design from the 1930s and 1940s, when the world of animals became an undisputed subject for artists everywhere after scientific studies in ethology and important geographic discoveries had become known.

This table evokes a sensation of decades past in the home through its memorable decorative accents. Its solid wood structure with Canaletto walnut veneer stands on legs covered in leather. The top is available completely in walnut or with inserts in leather, tempered grey or bronze glass, or different types of marble. The ferrules are painted bronze to obtain a natural effect.