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Erasmo: Giorgetti's Innovative Writing Desk

Erasmo is the curved writing desk by Giorgetti, whose fluid and linear lines create spaces with unique design through its sophisticated, one-of-a-kind style.

Erasmo's product designer, Massimo Scolari, wanted to create a study and work station that was shaped like a leaf, and he chose to work with fine wood and a design with only one leg.

Erasmo is absolutely not a typical business manager desk. It is an artistic object that appears to take pleasure in offering its two looks and two purposes.

The Giorgetti catalogue offers the top in ebony, mahogany or saddle leather, and it is completed with a wide variety of functional and hidden accessories.

The particular leaf shape makes it possible to measure the distance between the two opposite sides so that two people can share it, and sit as close or as far apart as they desi