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Arabella: the Iconic Curved Armchair

Carlo Giorgetti and Massimo Scolari designed the splendid Arabella in 2010, a large swivel armchair that entered fully into the range of Giorgetti's iconic creations.

In addition to being a functional design object, Arabella is also very comfortable and every detail has been studied to create an innovative way to support the body in its curved structure. You can sit in many different positions and always be comfortable and relaxed. The entire structure of this exclusive, multi-faceted chair appears to be elastic and in perfect harmony with its lines.

Arabella represents a new way of sitting with its ergonomic surfaces offering unparalleled functionality and comfort. It is available with a right armrest or a left armrest. A painted base with bronzed finish and a large upholstered cushion make it complete, with a sculptural appeal.