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CHARLOTTE: Giorgetti's Versatile Cabinet

Charlotte is a cabinet by Giorgetti designed by Carlo Colombo and available in different sizes and types.

Large, customizable compartments are concealed behind elegant doors in grooved wood. Colombo chose a rigorous decorative pattern for the wood panels that is clearly an architectural motif.

It's made of Giorgetti's preferred wood, canaletto walnut, and the finish also comes with precious inserts in marble and leather.

The design of this product fully expresses Giorgetti's corporate values, founded on established cabinetry traditions, careful attention to detail and handcraftsmanship, and the use of fine, long-lasting raw materials.

The internal back panel of this cabinet can be modified with marble insertions in three different variants: Calacatta, Portoro and Zebrino.

The tall version can be enhanced with 6 storage drawers, 6 small drawers and sliding shelves lit with a LED lighting system. Charlotte can make your home unique and add a touch of strong personality.