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HARRIA & POLIS: Refined Artistic Pieces from Giorgetti

In the 2021 collection by Giorgetti we can admire many furnishing complements, actual works of art like the beautiful Harria vases - bookends, created by using different types of marble to form objects that can be taken apart and used as decorative elements as desired.

The designer of Harria is Viviana Maggiolini who got her degree in architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and specialised in architectural design and scenography. Together with Giorgio Bonaguro, they left traditional processing techniques behind and developed innovative and experimental objects that reflect the brand's sensitive and elegant style.

Another featured product from the 2021 collection is POLIS, a ceramic sculpture of an aerial view of a city with a layout that creates striking volumes and equilibrium. Designed by the famous sculptor, painter and glassmaker, Roberto Cambi, POLIS conveys a sensitive and playful attitude and fully expresses the brand's innovative research.