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Giorgetti's Pinkham Point Finale

Giorgetti has concluded its Pinkham Point project, which has revealed to viewers the company's vision of living by combining architecture and cinematography.

The rooms of an elegant villa were the main "characters" in this show. Cutting-edge virtual technology made it possible to reproduce a sophisticated "theatre" where furniture from the new collection was presented alongside the brand's iconic pieces.

This short film was divided into six episodes that analysed residential living spaces in this order: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the home office, the bedroom, the dressing area, and the gym.

The outdoor spaces are especially interesting, created to pay tribute to memorable scenes made by Michelangelo Antonioni in the film Zabriskie Point, and the name of the series recalls the Pinkham Canyon Trail in the Joshua Tree National Park.

Every detail of this project was carefully planned, including all aspects of lighting and the reflections from the slotted walls. The main colours in the interiors alternate between minimalistic white and touches of sand and pearl grey, to fuller and darker tones such as blue and teal.

The Pinkham Point project was written and directed by Giancarlo Bosio and made by Giorgetti's designers in collaboration with Superresolution, a graphic design studio specialised in creating virtual environments and high quality graphic images.